Patient Reviews

Let Us Make You Smile
  • Great Dentist
    Dr. Marks has done excellent work on my teeth and always makes me feel comfortable. Scheduling an appointment is always convenient and waiting room time is never excessive

    - Ken M.

  • Quality Excellent
    I have Had nothing but the best experience with Dr. Jay. He's made a huge difference in my dental experience He's is very thorough and makes sure he takes care of all my dental needs. Will never go anywhere else.

    - Rebecca A.

  • Best Possible Results
    Like many people, I had neglected my teeth for a very long time. Dr. Marks took control of my care, always gave me good advice, and created a plan to fix everything that was wrong. Dr. Marks is a terrific guy and has gone the extra mile many times on my behalf using his skill and experience to achieve the best possible results to save my teeth. Office Manager, Kim, is warm, welcoming, professional and very easy to work with. Dr. Marks has done right by me. I encourage you to become his patient. You will be well taken care of.

    - John R.

  • The Very Best
    I've been going to Dr. Jay Marks for several years, and I hope he's still practicing in another twenty. I had avoided the dentist for years, afraid that I would lose all my teeth. My teeth were loose and broken. Dr. Marks was able to save all but one of my teeth, and it was painless. He is a craftsman and a perfectionist. Any questions I have, he answers. He explains what he is doing in any given procedure, which for me is a great help. It takes some of the mystery (and a lot of the anxiety) away from the experience. He is passionate about his work. Also, his office staff and hygienist are all wonderful! If you're in need of dental care- go here!

    - Jimmy

  • Best Dentist In Danbury!
    I was looking for a practice that was professional and knew what they were doing, and I found it in Dr. Marks practice. Kim, the office manager, spent time answering all my questions being my first time coming to the practice, and was very friendly. His hygienist, Stephanie, was professional, nice, and concerned with answering my dental-related questions as well as providing the most gentle cleaning I've ever received in my life. Dr. Marks is professional, knowledgeable, and has a concern about the overall condition of my teeth and how to keep a healthy mouth. I had an excellent experience with Dr. Marks and his staff - a diamond in the rough, that s for sure!

    - Jesse

  • Very Caring, Understanding & Compassionate
    Dr. Marks, is great, to sum it up quickly! He is very caring, understanding and compassionate, and, emphasizes your health over trying to make money, which is big for me, since my previous dentist was the opposite! Can't recommend him highly enough!

    - Tim H.

  • Very Comforting

    I had been having pain in my tooth for awhile. My regular dentist insisted that I have the tooth extracted with a surgery and being knocked out, and then have very expensive implants installed. He gave me no other options.

    Luckily when the pain became severe, my dentist was out of town. I found Dr. Marks on google. Based on those reviews and speaking to some people in my office, I decided to give his office a try. It sounds odd that I say that I am happy I had the tooth ache, since I then found Dr. Marks. He was very comforting and gave me options and explanations. I chose to have the tooth saved with a root canal. It was he first time in months that my mouth felt comfortable. I did not have to have the discomfort and expense that my regular dentist wanted to do.

    Dr. Marks' office also helped with finances. Not only was the root canal painless, but the finances were painless also. I will be having my records transferred to Dr. Marks' office. Thank you Dr. Marks and staff for making me feel so comfortable.

    - Suzanne S.

  • Big Difference
    A lot of people have commented on the friendliness of the staff. While I agree with them, I prefer to focus on the quality of the service I received. I was seen by two hygienists first, the first time for a cleaning and the second time for a scaling session. I was then seen by Dr. Jay Marks for an evaluation. In all cases, I cannot emphasize enough how thorough they are. Everything is taken very seriously. They cleaned my teeth very well without rushing. In previous experiences at other places, the hygienist went fast and was not accurate. At Dr. Marks's office, I saw a big difference. Also, I have a tooth with a temporary crown, which needs to be replaced urgently with a permanent crown. However, that tooth is also at risk because of a previous infection and bone degrading. Dr. Marks could have just started the work to replace the crown -- nobody would argue with that decision when the current crown is a temporary one -- and he could have made a considerable amount of money for that, between my payment and the insurance's payment. Instead, he said that he wants to see how my tooth heals and then he will decide. I actually appreciated this decision because it shows he cares and he's not just trying to do business. He also evaluated my dental situation with extreme care. He looked at all my teeth one by one and read all the notes from the hygienists. The evaluation lasted one hour when, with other doctors, it lasts 30 seconds at most. I will continue to be a patient of Dr. Marks, along with my wife and my two children.

    - Marco P.

  • Extremely Helpful, Attentive & Accommodating
    My family and I have been regular patients of Dr. Marks. To say that we are really happy having found him doesn't even begin to describe how we feel about all the care he has provided to us. Also, as others have mentioned, all the staff are extremely helpful, attentive, and extremely accommodating to my difficult schedule.

    When we got to Dr. Marks the first time, all of us needed attention for hygiene and resolve some issues, but now we are in a much better place. My personal experience after coming with a tooth infection/decay has been one of painless, detailed, accurate, and quality procedures.

    I can also attest for my 10-year-old daughter who chipped her two front teeth this summer while playing in the pool.
    By her own words …"Dr. Marks was very kind and fixed and put in a filament to substitute the pieces I had lost he was absolutely great, he was very empathetic to my misfortune of somehow managed to chip my teeth on the bottom of a pool. The experience was very smooth and recommend for kids who are scared of dentists. I'm very happy that my parents know Dr.Marks he was great!"

    If you were thinking about where to go for your dental care need, I am serious, look no more and give Dr. Marks a visit.

    - Franco D.

  • Simply the Best Dentist
    I have been going to Dr. Marks for the past 3 years. When I first saw him, I was extremely nervous about the work I needed. He was very attentive, reassuring, and made sure to explain everything being done. He truly is an artist in dentistry and makes sure everything is perfect. Kim, the office manager, is wonderful and makes my experience a pleasurable one! I actually enjoy my visits to the dentist because of this office. If you have any fears about going to the dentist or just want to have a great smile, give Dr. Marks a try- you"ll leave smiling

    - Gary L.

  • Highly recommended!
    Dr. Marks knows how to fix teeth. I hate going to the dentist, but whenever I'm there I can tell that he goes the extra mile to make my visit pleasant. Highly recommended!

    - Louie P.

  • Extremely Friendly

    Dr. Marks and his staff have been incredible in helping me get my teeth issues resolved. Not only are they extremely friendly, the procedures are pain free and they're always willing to work with you on a time you can see them.

    I recommend Dr. Marks to everyone, but especially those who are like me and fear going to the dentist. Thank you Kim, Courtney and Dr. Marks for giving me my smile back!!

    - Michael M.

  • You can't go wrong!
    Saved my family and PAINLESS! When my family got new insurance, we had to change dentists. We were very disappointed in the choices, the first dentist we chose, was not good with the kids AT ALL. We wanted a dentist the whole family could go to. The second dentist we tried, could not give us an appointment for over a week, and my husband had been in pain when he was away at a business seminar. Then we called Dr. Marks office. The office manager was very sympathetic and got my husband into the office the same day... His gums were very tender. They put some medicine under the gums to reduce the inflammation. He saw the hygienist the next week, and he had a special cleaning- No More Bleeding Painful gums- the first time in years! I was told by one of the other dentists that my back molar tooth was too bad to fix, and set up an evaluation for the tooth- Dr. Marks somehow rebuilt the tooth, & put a beautiful crown on it, now I can chew on that side again- without pain- I'm so glad our insurance made us change dentists. ALL THIS WAS PAINLESS- You can't go wrong!

    - Janine

  • Wonderful Staff & Thorough Dentist
    I have to laugh at some of the comments about Dr. Marks doing root canals in a dozen visits. I can tell you that I had a root canal done by another dentist in one visit. It was killing me- I went to Dr. Marks, who re-did the root canal- in 3 visits- he told me it could have been done in 2 visits, but that he wanted to make sure everything was settled before the final filling of the roots- AND I have not had one problem since his treatment!!! I'd much rather have a dentist who is thorough, than one who takes shortcuts- The insurance pays the same no matter how many visits it takes- so thanks Dr. Marks for saving my tooth and relieving the pain! My husband loved his crown (3 visits- no shortcuts), I can't even tell that he has a crown. We look forward to our daughter's first visit to the dentist, and has already bonded with the hygienist Rita and Kim the receptionist :-)

    - Marilyn

  • I never felt a thing!

    Painless Painless Painless.......both the work that Dr. Marks does is painless (can you believe a pain free root canal), and paying for treatments is painless also. They have a payment plan that spreads out payments and is easy as pie to apply for. LOOK NO FURTHER. Thanks Dr. Marks and staff, I never felt a thing!

    - Thomas P.

  • Friendliest Dental Office in Danbury
    Go here! I did- you can't go wrong. Friendliest dental office in Danbury, AND painless :-) Check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did...... you'll leave with a smile.

    - Kevin R.

  • Great Dentist
    Great dentist and great guy, makes going to the dentist a real pleasure. Not like those chain places, trust me I know. And the hygienist is just as wonderful

    - Rocco M.

  • Better Than My Real Tooth
    Dr. Marks is an excellent dentist who takes time to explain what work he is going to do and how it will affect the patient. Once he fixes something, it stays fixed. Due to an accident, I needed a new crown, Dr. Marks took the impression, the crown was ready in a flash, and it fits perfectly and looks better than my real tooth. Both Dr. Marks and Rita have saved my gums after years of neglect. Kim is excellent at setting up - and reminding you about - appointments as well as helpful with insurance and other payments.

    - kdr3

  • Thorough & Gentle

    Need your smile upgraded- go to Dr. Marks' office. I would not tell you to go somewhere that I haven't gone to. Hygienist is thorough and gentle, Kim helps with everything, Dr. Marks does not hurt- you won't go wrong.

    - Margo M.

  • Dentist Approved!

    Dr. Jay Marks DMD is an excellent dentist, as as I am a dentist from Georgia that has seen some of the same patients and his top notch dental work. If you are in Danbury, CT and looking for a cosmetic or emergency dentist, look no further. Dr. Marks is dentist approved.

    - Kirk K.