85% of Population Has This Curable Disease

8.5 out of 10VERY few things affect 85 percent of our population, states Danbury CT dentist  Jay M. Marks, DMD.  That means that 8.5 people out of ten in a room, have this condition.  Can you imagine those odds in the winning numbers for the lottery, or the chances of living to 100 years old, or your chances of winning a trip to Hawaii, asks Jay M. Marks, DMD.  Well, if this is true, then if the odds are positive, then that is great.  If the odds are for something negative, then these odds are bad!  So what could the condition in this article be, such that 8.5 people out of ten reading this post HAVE it??????

Dental InfographicTurns out that is very prevalent condition is Gum Disease.  There are 2 forms, one affecting just the gums ( gingivits ), or involving the supporting bone ( periodontitis ), where your teeth can become loose, and then fall out.  There are several ways to treat gum disease.  If the disease has progressed a little, special cleanings may do the trick.  If it has progressed further, periodontal surgery may be needed.

There is now another alternative, where special trays, which are filled with certain medicine, is worn over the teeth for a short period of time.  Results have shown the gums stop bleeding, and in many cases, the bone starts to grow back!  BEST of all is this treatment is completely painless.  If you would like to see if you are a candidate for this painless treatment, please CONTACT US.  The video below explains the procedure.