Are Dentists Harmful to Your Teeth?

People and animals have had the need for tooth repair since the beginning of mankind, explains Jay M. Marks, DMD. Prehistoric men and women and children have always occasionally had problems with their gums - periodontal disease; cavities -needing fillings to repair; replacement of lost teeth- by bridges or dentures, or implants; saving of teeth- by root canal treatment; straightening of crooked teeth by orthodontics, etc.

But original dentists were actually practitioners of other arts, such as black smiths, or barbers. It is documented that the teeth of our ancestors were healthier than ours. Did these barbers and Black Smiths invent a new profession (Dentistry) just to make more money? Is that why our teeth are not as healthy as our ancestors? Could there be another reason for our unhealthier dental condition in the present day?
Cosmetic Dentist  Danbury, CT Jay M. Marks, DMD
Dr. Marks tells us that researchers found that the ancients did indeed have teeth that were healthier. Over the past 7500 years, our intra-oral bacteria has been changing, thanks to the industrialization and evolution of our species. The bacteria in our mouths started to be altered with the beginning of farming, and then again approx. 150 yrs. ago during the Industrial Revolution when we started to process flour and sugar. At that time, the variety of bacteria was greatly reduced, leading to a domination of cavity causing bacteria's in our mouths. Our present day mouths are generally in a state of permanent disease. The result of modern food processing methods, has altered the bacteria in our mouths, leading to chronic poor oral health worse than our ancestors.

This has been proven by researchers who examined the DNA of preserved dental plaque and calculus of prehistoric Europeans. Stone Age man and Medievals had much better teeth than those living after the Industrial Revolution.

So, if you insist on eating modern day processed foods instead of eating raw unprocessed foods, then you may want to visit your dentist in order to keep your oral health in tip top shape. The next time you eat a sugar laden Mocha Affogato Gelato Macchiato Coconut Triple something, please contact us immediately.