Dental Drug Company’s Big Trick: We Were All Taught the Wrong Way to Brush

We have all been taught to brush our teeth with a small pea sized amount of toothpaste for 2 minutes (3 minutes even better), so why do 97% of people have tooth decay, and some studies say 80% have some form of periodontal disease?

Toothpaste companies have tricked generations of teeth into thinking that we were doing a good job of cleaning them by removing plaque and tarter.  This is so, due to the bubbling action that toothpastes create.  There are numbing agents (that numb the tongue), as well as wetting ingredients, and fancy flavors- all designed as a trick to make us believe that we are really doing a good job of cleaning our teeth, and removing all that plaque.  Most people brush for 30 seconds, believing that they have been brushing for the 2-3 minutes.

Dr. Marks reports that the American Dental Association published a study, suggesting that we start brushing dry, WITHOUT toothpaste!  He states that you should start where plaque and calculus build up the fastest, and where most people ignore….the inside of the lower front teeth.  This method is also good for the gums (bleeding and sensitivity).  It is also easier to visualize your teeth and gums, making it harder to miss areas.  Dr. Marks then suggests we use the wet toothpaste technique, that we are all used to.

The study found that this technique resulted in a 67 percent reduction in plaque, and a 55 per cent reduction of gingivitis & gum bleeding! So if you are stuck on a desert island without toothpaste, you may actually be better off, and when you are rescued, may even be in better dental health!

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