How Can Oral Mouth Periodontal Gum Bacteria, Catch Bank Robbers?

Dr. Marks reports that researchers in India catalogued approximately 400 unique strains of bacteria/microbes intra orally (within the mouth) of at least 4 ethnic groups: non-Latin blacks, Caucasians, Oriental, and Latin’s. Only two % of the strains were in all the subjects, but the concentrations varied among the different groups. Eight % of the strains were found in ninety % of the subjects. The scientists found that each group had specific communities of bacteria, which was a signature for that group.

Ohio State University researchers found that your background is a major determination of the bugs in your mouth, reports Dr. Marks.

So how does this fact help in catching a bank robber?
The microbes in our mouths are unique enough to be able to identify someone, just as fingerprints can. The microbes under the gum tissues were the main ones used to identify people. No two humans have the exact same micro-flora, making this as unique as fingerprints.

Scientists use a deep DNA sequencing technique to get a new super close up view of the bacterial strains in the mouth. In some cases, they were able to identify people in 100% of the time.

So if you plan on robbing a bank- DON’T SPIT ON THE FLOOR.

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