Can a Toothache be Cured by Placing an Aspirin Next to it?

image showing that it is fictional that Aspirin placed next to a tooth is a good way to relieve toothacheAspirin is good for the lessening of tooth pain when it is used as a pain reliever and taken as directed by your dentist or by following the enclosed instructions, reports Danbury, CT dentist Jay M Marks, DMD. However by placing a tablet directly on your tooth or against your gums, will cause something called aspirin burn, which is also medically known as ulceration, where the tissue is eroded, denuded, inflamed and/or dying (tissue necrosis). Therefore, if the cause of the pain is due to gum inflammation, aspirin placed on it will make it much worse. If the cause of the pain is from tooth decay and exposure of the nerve, placing aspirin in that area will make it MUCH worse.

We can see that many times, home remedies can not replace visiting a dentist, who can diagnose the cause of the pain, and therefore cure it, as opposed to just hiding the pain (which is sure to return again later). Our suggestion to PREVENT the risk of a toothache is to floss and brush twice a day, and to visit your dentist for regular preventive check-ups.

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