Jay M. Marks, DMD Reveals Dental Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables

According to Danbury, CT Dentist, Jay M. Marks, DMD, FAGD, a report from World Dental, says a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables offer the vitamins and minerals and other nutrients you need for healthy teeth and gums. Dr. Marks agrees, you should try to avoid dried fruits because they can stick to your teeth and cause cavities, says World Dental. Remember to keep fruits out where you can see them, because you'll be more apt to eat them, and purchase fresh vegetables frequently. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is a healthy choice because processed or frozen fruits and vegetables can lose some of their nutritional values.

Prevents Cavities and Gum Disease. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, especially those high in fiber, can stimulate your saliva flow and this helps to decrease acidity and clean out food particles that can damage your teeth, agrees Dr. Marks. In addition, World Dental also reports that an increase in your saliva can help reduce a buildup of dangerous bacteria that can lead to cavities and gum disease. Apples are excellent examples of fruit that help your mouth stay clean and are even referred to as "nature's toothbrush". Fresh celery and carrot sticks are examples of vegetables that provide a healthy snack for your teeth, stimulate saliva, and don't cause buildup of bacteria.  Dr. Marks also points out that chewing sugarless gum also stimultes saliva, and helps remove acids in your mouth.

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